Hi, my name is Dylan Doig, and I am going to be the first student to post on this blog, so let us hope I do well! This is our second day in Poland, first full day in Krakow, and it is amazing so far. The view from our hotel room is nice.


I am in a room with the other two male students, Max and Brandon. We all get along very well, so this room set up will work for the trip. And it makes it possible for us to bond while we are over here. On our first night in Krakow we met our tour guide for yesterday and today. Her name is Barbara


Sorry I am not the most photogenic person, but Barbara was an amazing guide. She had an awesome Polish accent which carried over into her English very heavily. We had another guide yesterday who had a more difficult name that I cannot remember. And we had a meeting with a local professor this morning that is very well versed in Poland’s history, so we got a brief summary of its history with the most focus on basically the last 20 years. The part that stuck out to me most about all of them would be their passion about what they were doing. It was incredible to watch. Our male guide yesterday was head over heels in love with Warsaw. The professor was in love with Poland and her greatness. (Poland is referred to as a she because in Polish, it is Polska. The “–ska” on the end makes it a feminine noun.)

The plane ride was my first time ever being on a plane, so an 8 hour flight was a lot for my first time. But it was good; I have always wanted to ride a plane. So I got my wish. Once we made it to Amsterdam we had a few hours of lay over. So I went and got some breakfast, which was really expensive… But we were at an airport, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was huge! I was told there was a museum there, but I didn’t look for it. I would have pictures of the airport but my camera was dead.

From Amsterdam we flew to Warsaw, and that was a 2 hour flight on a much smaller plane. And at peak height and speed, I think we were 40,000 feet up, and going about 575 miles per hour. I got a window seat on this ride, which was awesome. It was really cloudy, but nonetheless it was good. In Warsaw we met our first guide. We got to ride on a coach bus, so we went around comfortably. My camera still wasn’t charged; otherwise I would have a fair amount of pictures from there. It was a beautiful city, bustling with activity. The only negative thing that happened was that during lunch there was a gentleman with headphones on that glared at me the entire time he ate. It was definitely creepy, but the Subway was good. They had oregano bread, so that was different.

From Warsaw we took at train to Krakow. That was a few hours long, so people tried to sleep. The train was a little bumpy but I think everyone slept. My train car was Kari, David, Tim, Max, Hannah and myself. The other train car was hilarious though, the six people with the most luggage ended up in the same car. So that was fun to watch.

In Krakow, we met Barbara, and she took us around the city and to a nice restaurant for dinner. It was 3 courses; soup, the main dish, and dessert. I personally enjoyed a little red wine with my meal. And it was a little stronger than I had anticipated. I blame my mom though; she has Red Elektra Wine, which is kind of the equivalent of Cool-Aid. But it was good nonetheless. After dinner we were free, so Max and I went on our own little excursion around the city. It was definitely fun. We met a few shopkeepers, and we have come to the conclusion that little to no English is spoken at night. I was apologizing to the shopkeepers because I was American and just kind of rambling. Max had the right idea of just handing over his money, taking his change, and leaving. I hope I didn’t make a possible stereotype of Americans being ignorant, true.

We were awake by 7 the next morning, and we went and got breakfast and it was definitely the nicest breakfast I have had at a hotel. There was a lot to choose from. My favorite highlight from it was probably the fact that there was a good amount of meat for breakfast. So I had a meat and cheese sandwich, it was quite delectable if I do say so myself.

After that we met with the professor and we learned about Poland after 1945. She had a lot of information, so we did the best we could with notes. It will definitely take a recap of that to truly get all of the information she was going for.

After that we went to lunch at a nice small restaurant. We had another 3 course style meal. I would have to say that the dessert was definitely the best part. It was a meringue thing. It looked like a giant pile of whipped cream when it came out.
It… was…. Amazing!


After that we went to see a few memorials. We saw one that was 65 chairs. And it was supported by Spielberg because of Schindler’s List. There are many interpretations of it. A literal interpretation could be that each chair is the equivalent of 1,000 persecuted Jews. But there are many interpretations. Our guide’s interpretation was that when you sit in a chair, you are waiting. And the Jews were waiting for rescue among other things.


Alright, well, that is my blog for the night. I feel I did a lot of rambling, but that is a brief summary of some of the stuff we have done so far. Thank you for reading this. Hi Mom!