​We went to something that’s called the Topography of Terror today. All of us thought it was going to be outside, and none of us was looking forward to another two hours straight outside. When we got there though the tour was inside, and it was more like a museum. Apparently, it used to be partly inside and partly outside, but they must have changed it recently.

​Well, after the Topography of Terror, most of the group (except for two of the boys) had tickets for the opera and all of us were pretty excited about it. We knew what we were going to see, and as far as I know everyone going knew the story: Orpheus and his fiancée who was bitten by a snake in the garden and dies. Orpheus calls upon the gods to beg for a way to get her back, and they send him to the underworld to do so, and send him with a musical instrument to keep him and his wife from being harmed (if he or she came to trouble he would just play the instrument, and they would be safe). The one catch was that he could not look her in the face while they were in the underworld or else she would be gone forever. He went to the underworld, found his fiancée, but she noticed that he wouldn’t look at her and thought that he didn’t love her anymore. She kept begging him to look at her, and at one point she basically says, “I’m not going any farther until you look at me.” They were so close to the place where they would cross over out of the underworld. (If I were him at that point, knowing that she would disappear forever if I did look at her, I would have thrown her over my shoulder.) Because she insisted he looked, and she was gone forever.

​We all expected the opera to be a love story gone wrong that we all knew well. However, it turns out that there was a different take on the story that we knew so well: it was a parody. Orpheus ends up getting the snake placed into the garden by what seemed to be “the gods” killing his fiancée on purpose out of irritation (she broke his violin). “The gods” then go with Orpheus to the underworld. (To get her back? I don’t know. It was all in German so it was hard to understand it in parody mode. Maybe he felt bad for what he did.) His fiancée was flirting with three or four different guys in the underworld, including the god that tricked her into getting bitten by the snake. After that I lose all possible idea of what was going on. There are bits and pieces that make sense, but they don’t fit in with the original story.

​I still enjoyed seeing it, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had seen the original story as a play or an opera before-hand, and had been able to understand it for that matter.